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Boutique Services

Trust is fundamental to building solid relationships and critical to making life long informed decisions.

Trust is The Gremel Group’s secret sauce and it is the foundation of our boutique experience.

Five Ingredients to Trust

First, we are relentless in our pursuit of knowledge – not just about our industry and portfolio of services, but also our client’s business, company culture, management structure, diverse workforce, strategic objectives, headwinds, and what it takes to build an engaged and successful team to drive their long term success.

Second, we continuously invest in the best solutions for our clients. No cutting corners with one size fits all programs and services. Our clients and their employees deserve the highest level of user experience with our insurance and employee benefits programs as they do when using time saving tools for managing their personal lives.

Third, we hold ourselves accountable to execute upon what we pledge to deliver. We recognize change management can be challenging for our clients and their employees which is why delivering exceptional customer service is paramount to our clients’ – and The Gremel Group’s – success.

Fourth, we are a lean organization. We operate on the premise that we are entrusted with our clients’ resources. Therefore, we invest on their behalf as though these resources are our own. We intentionally minimize our overhead so we can successfully compete with the largest brokers. We provide concierge level service at a reduced overall cost to our clientele.

Fifth, and perhaps most importantly, we are honest and transparent. While The Gremel Group has more than 102 years of collective experience with insurance and employee benefits, we recognize we do not know everything. Mr. Gremel and his team have invested decades in building a specialty network of trusted advisors. When we don’t have the answers clients seek, we quickly connect them to highly skilled specialists within our network.

As you explore your insurance and employee benefit options, we encourage you to ask yourself one simple question:

‘At a time of need, who do I trust to act in the best interest of my family and/or company?’

There are many provider choices – take a look at our personalized, trust-based boutique services and hear what our clients have to say to find out what makes The Gremel Group different from other agencies and online services.


Benefit Administration Systems

We live in a world where there is no shortage for technology or “apps” to simplify our lives. Ecommerce, banking, food delivery, even car shopping and so much more. Why expect anything less when it comes to one’s benefits administration system?

The Gremel Group will design and administer Online Employee Benefit Portals for clients. Employee self-service, document storage, plan communication and compliance are all at our clients’ and their employees’ fingertips. The Gremel Group utilizes cloud-based software solutions to ensure clients are not stuck with outdated legacy systems that are cumbersome, diminish productivity and expensive. Ask us how we can improve your employee experience, drive engagement, better manage benefits and compliance, and put time back in your day.


Human Resources Support

The Gremel Group provides a three tier Human Resources Support service.

Tier One: Access to The Gremel Group’s Experienced Team
Our clients have daily access to a cohesive and responsive team dedicated to providing same day response—even if we are still working to resolve an issue or still researching a question. Our agency management system allows for HIPPA compliant storage and sharing of service calls across our team. This allows for organized retrieval of information by our staff even when involved members are away from their desks. Our goal is top notch agency wide availability and we achieve it through new technology as well as an old fashioned culture of caring.

Tier Two: Online Human Resource Tools
Business clients can enroll in our professional grade online human resource research and compliance system. This system provides legal and human resource search tools. Our wizard-based document creation tool with state by state regulatory updates allows clients to generate employee handbooks, required legal notices and even summary plan description (SPD) wrap documents–just to name a few. In addition, clients can develop employee and management training courses on topics including but not limited to: safety, diversity and anti-harassment. Successful training course completion is date and time stamped. Certificates are issued for those associates who have successfully completed courses. These certificates are all saved to a cloud-based record keeping system.

Tier Three: Human Resource Advisory Services
When clients have sensitive questions or emergent circumstances, they want answers now. The Gremel Group’s extended team of human resource professionals, that have an average of 18 years of experience, are on call ten hours per day to consult with clients. They work to get solid answers on the spot along with a follow-up email including a summary recommendation as well as source documentation showing the basis for the answer(s) provided.


Business Succession Planning

Often business owners have an understanding of the need for “Buy/Sell Agreements” and the fact that life insurance is an important piece of any successful plan. Getting to the decision point often involves hours of conversation with and among the various stakeholders involved. We have extensive experience in moving clients through the process. We do not charge hourly fees for the often-lengthy process of “getting to yes.” Our experience in the West Michigan legal community connects clients to the professionals they need. If a client already has legal counsel, it is likely The Gremel Group has worked with them over the years.


Triage Advisory Services

Mr. Gremel has been a member of the State Bar of Michigan since 1987. He often acts, in effect, as a triage advisor for the firm’s clients. For decades, he has connected clients to legal specialists within The Gremel Group network as well as a myriad of other professionals as circumstances may require.

Examples include such specialists as:

  • Business Valuation Experts
  • Tax Advisors
  • Payroll Processors
  • Recruiting Firms
  • Wellness Coaches
  • Private Investigators
  • Senior Housing Consultants
  • Financial Planners
  • Medicare Planners
  • And Many Others

Our clients are not reluctant to run situations by our team to see of they may need additional support in any of these strategic areas.


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