Five Ingredients to Trust

First, we are relentless in our pursuit of knowledge – not just about our industry and portfolio of services, but also our client’s business, company culture, management structure, diverse workforce, strategic objectives, headwinds, and what it takes to build an engaged and successful team to drive their long term success.

Second, we continuously invest in the best solutions for our clients. No cutting corners with one size fits all programs and services. Our clients and their employees deserve the highest level of user experience with our insurance and employee benefits programs as they do when using time saving tools for managing their personal lives.

Third, we hold ourselves accountable to execute upon what we pledge to deliver. We recognize change management can be challenging for our clients and their employees which is why delivering exceptional customer service is paramount to our clients’ – and The Gremel Group’s – success.

Fourth, we are a lean organization. We operate on the premise that we are entrusted with our clients’ resources. Therefore, we invest on their behalf as though these resources are our own. We intentionally minimize our overhead so we can successfully compete with the largest brokers. We provide concierge level service at a reduced overall cost to our clientele.

Fifth, and perhaps most importantly, we are honest and transparent. While The Gremel Group has more than 102 years of collective experience with insurance and employee benefits, we recognize we do not know everything. Mr. Gremel and his team have invested decades in building a specialty network of trusted advisors. When we don’t have the answers clients seek, we quickly connect them to highly skilled specialists within our network.

As you explore your insurance and employee benefit options, we encourage you to ask yourself one simple question:

‘At a time of need, who do I trust to act in the best interest of my family and/or company?’

There are many provider choices – take a look at our personalized, trust-based boutique services and hear what our clients have to say to find out what makes The Gremel Group different from other agencies and online services.


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